Burn Stubborn Fat

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal, Sci-Fit Nutrition in Columbia, South Carolina, can help you achieve it. Some people want help building muscles, while others want to detox or burn stubborn fat. What you eat and the types of exercises you do makes a big difference in your results and how quickly your reach your goals. You don’t have to eat rice cakes and celery sticks to make the difference. Healthy meals that are delicious, filling and nutritious are one step to losing fat and the other is the right type of exercise.

Choose healthy options to take off fat.

Fibrous foods are excellent at filling you up, not out. Adding fiber to your diet, in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables, not only provide nutrition, but also all the nutrients your body requires for good health. It’s not just about cutting calories, it’s about choosing the right types of food that can boost your metabolism, fill you up, not out and aid in keeping your blood sugar level so you don’t have spikes and massive dips. Cutting out highly processed foods and those with added sugar is the first step to fat loss.

There are two types of fat tissues.

The body has both white fat and brown fat. Brown fat keeps the fires of fat burning going, while white fat acts like an insulation and storage area. The mitochondria of brown fat burn as much as 20% of the calories for your body. When you exercise, your body releases a hormone that’s called irisin, which turns white fat to brown fat. That helps you lose more weight and more fat.

Use exercises that burn calories, provide afterburn and build muscle tissue.

You need all types of exercise, strength, flexibility, balance and cardio. Some people focus on just one, such as cardio, running every day rather than switching around to vary the workout. That’s a huge mistake if you want to burn fat. While cardio burns huge amounts of calories, it doesn’t discriminate where those calories come from, fat or lean muscle mass. You’ll burn muscle tissue and muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain than fat tissue does, so it can actually slow your weight loss the more you lose. Strength training, particularly HIIT—-high intensity interval training— alternates intensity and burns fat quicker, particularly if you use strength-building exercises.

  • Get adequate sleep. When you don’t have enough sleep, your body produces far more ghrelin, the hunger hormone and shuts down the production of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full.
  • Go out in the sun and get some vitamin D. Safe sunning means timing your exposure to the sun and helps build your body’s vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can make weight loss more difficult.
  • Don’t forget to drink adequate water. Water fills you up and ice cold water actually increases the number of calories you burn, since it takes extra calories to warm the body.
  • No matter what you do to shed fat, remember, you can’t expect it to come off in any one particular area. Spot exercises don’t work. They build the muscles in that area, but fat comes off evenly all over the body.

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