Emotional Eating During Lockdown

It doesn’t matter who you are, at one time or another, you’ve probably engaged in emotional eating. Maybe you’re a stress or anger eater and love those crunchy foods or when life gets you down, you turn to those comfort foods from your past. No matter what type of emotional eating you do, it can destroy a plan to eat healthier unless you get it under control and learn to deal with it.

When you eat emotionally, you’re doing several things.

People use food to nurture, soothe, calm and soothe their emotions. Food is a way of stuffing your feelings so you don’t have to deal with them. During a pandemic, there’s a lot of emotions. You could be feeling fear because of the disease or because you’re concerned for others or for your own income. You could be bored or even irritated with a spouse and eating a bag of chips seems easier than talking to your spouse about the problem or starting a project to detract from the boredom.

You can control your emotional eating by taking a few steps to help you passed this time.

Don’t chastise yourself over something that’s normal. All types of emotions are normal and neither right nor wrong. What you do to deal with them is how you control your behavior. Don’t feel bad if you’ve started emotionally eating during this pandemic. It’s new to everyone and there’s a lot of apprehension. Instead of criticizing yourself, which only makes things worse. Identify that you have a problem and search for both a way to deal with the problem and with your emotions.

Once you’ve realized why you’re eating more than normal, find a new way to deal with it.

Are you scared? It’s not uncommon. Some people buy toilet paper by the carton, you may just eat instead. What can you do to feel more reassured? One thing is to make yourself feel healthier by exercising and eating healthy. Does that sound too simple? It really isn’t, but statistics show that the healthier you are, the less potential you have for getting the virus. Are you frustrated or stressed. That’s an easy one to overcome. Just move. Exercise is one of the best stress busters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re following a program of exercise or just turning on the music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll burn off the hormones of stress and replace them with ones that make you feel great.

  • Create a schedule for eating. When you have an eating schedule, it’ helps to normalize your day. If you’re like many people, your who schedule has gone out the window. Establish a new one for the pandemic.
  • Take the time to meal plan. Whether you choose our app or do it on your own, planning meals and making them ahead can help you when life returns to normal. Cook several meals at a time, freeze them and use the oldest ones from the freezer as you replace the meals with new ones.
  • Be mindful when you eat. Every time you get up for a snack, ask yourself if you really want it. Drink a glass of water to see if thirst was really the driving force or do a few exercises to see if it was boredom.
  • Use this time to shine. Start a workout and healthy eating program. You now have the time, so use it wisely. Look at this time as a gift, rather than a punishment and it will change your whole attitude.

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