How To Start Your Fitness Journey

Every great idea, every beautiful building and every amazing thing that exists begins with an idea. It has to start somewhere. That’s true of getting healthier, too. How you start your fitness journey really doesn’t make a huge difference, but adding to it and sticking with it is all that really counts. Of course, you probably need menu planning help and exercises to do, which is where we enter the picture. We have all that available for you.

You need to have a reason to get fit and set a goal.

What do you want to accomplish? Deciding that will help you set your goals. It also will help us plan the best possible menus for your needs. Do you want to lose weight? How much weight? If it’s fitness you want, how will you know when you’re fit. Maybe the answer is to climb two sets of stairs without huffing and puffing. Now, how do you intend on accomplishing these goals. That’s where we can help.

Which is more important, healthy eating habits or exercise?

Both are equally important. If you have to start with one, why not choose a healthy diet. It plays the most important role in losing weight, since you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. We’ll develop a healthy meal plan for you complete with a grocery list. If you’re too busy to cook during the week, you can cook them all on the weekends, making meal preparation just minutes during the week. It’s easy to use and can help you achieve your fitness goals quickly.

Exercising is also important.

If you don’t want to start everything at once, a healthy diet and workout program, just add three ten minute walks to your daily schedule. When you’re ready for an exercise program, our guided workouts can provide exercises for endurance, strength and flexibility that you can do at home. We have a planner and about 1000 exercise videos. When your ready, pick a few and take it at your own pace. Don’t push it. Take it easy until you learn the form perfectly. Getting fit is a marathon not a sprint. It’s all about consistency.

  • Increase your activity when you’re not working out. Walk to lunch if possible or ride a bike to work. Park further from the grocery store to get in a few extra steps. Take the stairs, not the elevator.
  • Use the app to track your progress, but also use other things. Take your measurements and a picture of yourself before you start, so you can compare it a few weeks into the process.
  • When you’re working out, don’t forget to warm up before you workout or cool down afterward. You can do leg swings or even jumping jacks to warm up and just walking around to cool down.
  • Consider using commercials to get a few extra exercises into your workout. You can even do planks while you’re watching TV and you won’t miss a minute of the program.

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