Start The Year With Some Healthy Goals

Sci-Fit Nutrition in Columbia, South Carolina, was created to help people reach healthy goals. We know that not everyone will have the same goals, so we personalize our program to ensure you get the help to achieve yours. Getting and staying fit isn’t a one time shot. You can’t eat a plate of vegetables on Monday and junk food for the rest of the month and expect to be healthy. Working out for two hours a couple of times a month won’t do it either. It’s all about consistency to achieve the goals you set for a healthier year.

Exactly what is a healthy goal?

While you might say, “I want to lose weight,” that’s not a goal. That’s a desire. In order to become a goal it has to be far more specific. What do you need to do to be healthier? Is it losing weight? Working out more? Getting more sleep or drinking more water? Those aren’t goals either, but they are closer to getting you started. If it’s weight loss, how much do you want to lose? If it’s getting more exercise, how often should you exercise? Developing a healthy goal means identifying the area where you need ot make a change.

Make your goal achievable.

Since many people want to lose weight and eat healthier, it’s a good example. If you want to shed 20 pounds, it’s unrealistic to expect that to happen in a week. However, losing two pounds a week is realistic. That means, your goal is to lose 20 pounds in ten weeks. Now you have to focus on how to achieve that weight loss. Here’s where we make it easy. While you can create a healthy diet that has all the nutrients you need, but is lower in calories, so you lose the weight you need to lose, why let us do that for you. We create menus based on your food preferences and needs, plus provide a grocery list, so all you have to do is buy the food and prepare it.

If your goal is weight loss, including exercise in your program is important.

Your plan to achieve your goal should include more than just dieting if you want the fastest results. Adding exercise to any healthy goals, especially weight loss, helps get results faster. When you’re creating your goal, make sure your workout includes exercises that build strength, endurance and flexibility. These are all basic types of fitness. The key is to use several different workouts plans, so they’re varied and work all types of the body, too. No matter what your goal, when it comes to exercise, scheduling your workout a specific time each day will help you make it a habit.

  • Healthy goals means making lifestyle changes and making them a permanent part of your future. Even when you accomplish your goal, you don’t abandon the work you’ve done, but build on it.
  • If you’re not ready to make big changes, start with a healthy goal like drinking eight glasses of water a day or taking a 20-minute walk every day.
  • Are you getting adequate sleep? Lack of sleep can make losing weight harder. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body increases the output of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and decreases leptin, the one that makes you feel full.
  • Whether your goal is weight loss, getting back into shape or just feeling great, Sci-Fit Nutrition can help. We provide a healthy customized diet and a wealth of exercises to aid you on your personal path to fitness.

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